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How to detect virus in your computer

how to detect virus in your computer

how to detect virus in your computer

You can also check in the computer's program file that there is no software or program installed that you have not installed. If you find any file that you have not installed, then it is a virus.This virus occurs when any audio or video stops running.If you want to change the name of a file and if it is not changing then it is due to virus.When your computer hangs, it is caused by a virus.If the speed of the computer has slowed down then the computer has a virus.As soon as you open the browser, it starts to open without clicking the new tab in it, then understand that there is a virus in the computer.When you are searching something on the Internet and it is downloading without giving permission. it is due to virus.If the computer is shutting down repeatedly then viruses have come in it.If all this problem is happening in your computer too, then understand that viruses have come in your computer. For these reasons, you can detect the virus in your computer.

How to Remove virus from PC

 we are giving you such easy ways to remove virus from computer, by which you can remove virus from your computer very easily. So know 

 1: Use A Best Software

 If your computer has a virus, then you should use a good software for it. This software protects your computer from viruses and keeps it secure:

Download Malware bytes

First of all you have to download Malware-bytes Software in your computer.

Install Software
Download and install it now.

Open software
Now open the software.

Update software
After opening the software, update it if there is an option.

Tap on scan now
After this, to scan it, click on Scan Now.

Select Threats
After the scan, whatever virus is there in your computer will appear on your screen, then select it.

Quarantine Selected
Click on Quarantine Selected. After clicking on it, all viruses will be removed from your computer.

 2: Remove Virus With Command

If there is a virus in one of the drives of your computer and they are not getting deleted, then you can use this method. With the help of CMD, you can remove the virus from the computer even without software.

The first thing to do is to open the Dos in the computer. For this, write CMD by typing Windows + R and enter it or right click in the Command Prompt option by clicking Start Button and you have to click on Run As Administration.

If your drive has virus, open it in CMD, then type D: and press Enter.
First of all, type Attrib and press Enter, here you will get a virus show.
After this, type Attrib -r -a -s -h *. * And press Enter and lastly you have to press Enter by typing Del Autorun.Inf, Just now your computer virus will be removed successfully.

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