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Printer common Problem and soloution

Printer is the most commonly used hardware in computers. That is why there are small troubles in the printer. This problem can be related to both software and hardware. There are some faults in it that you can fix yourself, so let us know the common printer problem and their solution-

If your printer suddenly stops working, there can be many reasons behind it, as we have already said, your operating system only instructs your hardware to work. That is why we start from there.

If you have just bought a new printer, then you must have a driver CD or DVD with it, keep it safe. If ever there is a driver related problem in your printer. So you can fix it with that.
If the print is not coming out then check some things-
1]Whether the printer's switch is on or not.
2]Whether the printer is properly connected to the CPU by USB data only.
3]Whether the printer driver is installed or not.
4]Check in the control panel whether the printer is offline.
5]Whether or not the cartage is properly placed in the printer.
Apart from the green light of the printer, the Lyle is not burning out.
There is a problem with some people that in the software with which they give the print command, they do not select the printer which is in their place and keep giving the command to the default printer of Windows. So before giving the print, check once that you are giving the command to the same printer that is installed here.
If the paper is stuck in the printer, do not force it with it, pull it out slowly out of the direction from which the print out comes out.
If you have a laser printer and its ink is gone, then get out of the cartage and shake it gently once, you can remove 10-20 prints comfortably.
Before applying paper to the printer, see if the paper is bent or torn.
Use only good quality paper in a laser printer, if you use more light paper then it can spoil your printer quickly.
Keep paper from moisture in rainy season. Heat in laser printers causes moisture to evaporate which can damage your printer. For this, keep the papers in the sun for a while.
Most printers have the option of test printer, which does not need to turn on the computer, if there is a simple problem, then use the test printer, if the printer is giving the test print and not print from the computer If it is coming, then understand that there is a problem with your operating system, printer driver or data cable, check them one by one.
If you have given multiple print commands to the printer simultaneously, sometimes the printer stops working. For this, go to the control panel and check if any print is still in waiting. If it is, cancel it or restart the computer.

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