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How to prevent unwanted calls and text coming on mobile phones.

How to prevent unwanted calls and text coming on mobile phones.

It might be a surprise. But many of us remember when we listed people's names, addresses and phone numbers in the phone book. What worries us is spam, phone marketers and fake calls.

Times have changed. The phone book is history. Your phone number has become your gateway to your basic communications, entertainment and security. Once you put your number at risk, it will be the target of more attacks than ever before.

Corrupted text and Android calls

Your inbox or social networks often receive fake warnings and your phone number will be publicly exposed. Register your cell phone number. Once you register, your number will be secured for five years. But the right thing that is in the fake message is the call number.

But there is no risk of mobile phone numbers ever publicly exposed or picked up by hand-held phone marketers. There is no time limit or time limit for recording your cell phone cell phone. And you don't even need to renew your cell phone number every five years.

If you receive a marketing call on your cell phone, ask the caller how he got your phone number. And tell him firmly that you should never call you again.

But nowadays many companies find it cheaper, easier and more profitable to send ads through mobile phone messages.

You can also get multiple recorded robot calls. The call will automatically turn on when it is raised. The large number of mobile phone numbers collected in the database also gives companies a large list of potential customers.

And remember, text calls, Android and phone marketers can also be. So be careful when replying to such a message. Don't give personal data again.

The best way is to install apps on your phone that keep annoying phone marketers away from your phone's line of communication.

Check apps

When you get an unwanted petition on your phone, you might think, how did they get my number? I gave my number to my friends and I didn't even post it on social media. And I don't use it anymore to call.

People give their number to others without understanding. When you install an application, you need to get a long-term application. The document "Terms of Service"" was found. Often there is a paragraph to give your number to a third party, which is covered with fine ink. By accepting this condition, you can allow the company to use or sell your cell phone number.

For example, considering the application of a brightest LED lamp, the phone can get current status information, phone signal, carrier, device ID and phone number. Take a moment before installing the app to find out what information it collects and how developers want to use this data.

Social media and phone numbers

Many people provide personal information to criminals on Facebook without warning. Post your birthday and home address on Facebook and also share when home or outdoors.

Giving you phone numbers on social media can be a problem for you. Especially if you have a lot of 0"Dude 0 you don't know in real life. You can set strict privacy settings, but if you make friends with strangers, your data can easily be stolen and taken into the hands of a bad person.

Phone number and security confirmation

Safer websites verify your identity using your phone number. If you have an Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, or Apple account, give your cell phone number in your security settings. Then if someone enters your account without permission, you will get a warning message on your cell phone.

If someone wants to change your password, you'll also receive a warning message. If hackers steal your password and try to log on to your account, a second code will be requested. So if they can't steal your phone number, they won't be able to access your account.

This is called a two-line security measure. This is an important security measure.

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