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What are the differences between LCD and LED.

What are the differences between LCD and LED.

There are many illusions about LCD and LED screens. Technically, when we use LED (light emitting diode) to display LCD backlight, we call it led display. The previous technology used for the back light of the screen is fluorescent tubes that resemble the tube lights used in our house. Any LCD screen can use LED or fluorescent tubes for backlighting. This does not mean that the use of LED for backlight screen means that it no longer has LCD screens. It should still be called an LCD screen because the technology that uses the LCD screen is exactly doing the same. The difference here is only in LED backlight.

The LCD part of the screen is red, blue and green pixels so we can see the screen on the screen. If the light does not reflect from the back, we can't see anything on the screen and that's what we call the taillights. So it is understood that the light used to light the pixels on the LCD screen can cause or possibly be based on a fluorescent tube.


Lightning helps to reverse the light of semiconductors placed in LED lamps. Using lighting technology, LED screens can't avoid light. As a result, the picture is very good and the picture is clear. One of the most common semiconductors used in the Nitride LED unit used in the reflection of blue or white light. THE LED DIODE CAN BE DESIGNED TO REFLECT A PARTICULAR COLOR AND CAN ALSO BE DESIGNED TO REFLECT DIFFERENT COLORS OF DIODES. The image can be displayed on a large LED screen using multi-color LED binaries.

The LED fluorescent tube costs 40 percent less than low energy costs. On the other hand, the use of fluorescent tubes in the LCD prevents the reflection of light. As a result, the image on the screen is lower than the LED. Fluorescent tube-based backlight screens have other features: they are slightly brighter with lots of color support. After that, the LED-rich rear light projector can reach maximum brightness within just a few milliseconds of closed state. From this point onwards, they are much advanced from fluorescent-based tube screens because it may take a few minutes to achieve the brightness of these screens.

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