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What do you see before buy a laptop.

What do you see before buy a laptop.

Technology is the dominant force in the current era. The laptop plays a big part in that. It is more popular with students who can easily navigate the air. It is used in small and large companies. You need to learn some information before you buy a laptop.


Before you buy a laptop, be sure to buy a laptop just for what you want. Because the processor must be evaluated depending on the type of work you're doing. For example, if you want to search the internet, watch a movie on your computer or listen to music, you have a processor with two cores or a basic i3 processor. Remember that the higher the price operated on your laptop, the more expensive it is. But if you want to work with graphics on your laptop or play HD games, you will need a better processor. Like the core of the I5, the core of the i7, etc.


 Laptops can be seen in 2GB 16GB. If your budget is too low, you can only use 2 GB of RAM to pick up your laptops. But the budget is better than 4GB. 16GB is not the same.


Show the bigger screen, the better. You can take your laptop to a 15cm screen. However, if you want to travel too much, you can also take a 13cm or 14 inch laptop. The screen on the forehead is better than the LCD.


An 11-12 inch-laptop of this size is lighter and smaller. It usually weighs between 2.5 and 3.5 kilograms.

13-14 inch-laptops of this size are best for accessibility and ease of use.

15 centimeters–this is the most popular size. This size is best for you if you need a bigger screen, and you don't want to move with your mobile PC.


 The warehouse is usually two types. SSD and hard drive.

The SSD-SSD is basically some kind of computer storage system. The main task is to keep the data. The popularity of the SSD rises day by day and the use of company discs declines due to light and size. There is no hard disk on the SSD. It contains some electronic chips that store data. This storage system is much faster than a hard drive.

Hard drives are currently available at 250GB 2TB. Get your hard drive right. Check the RPM to set up the hard drives. The more file transfers, the faster.


If you want to play quality games or edit HD videos on your computer, get user-friendly graphics. This will be a good performance, but the integrated graphics is sufficient for normal operation.


 Since all programs and movies can be downloaded, very few laptops contain optical discs. If your laptop doesn't have easy drive, you can buy an extra ride.

Check the keyboard and touchpad: 

if you're going to do a lot of work on your laptop, make sure there's enough space between fixed tactical notes, visual trips (usually 1-2 mm) and so on. Select a right touch that constantly responds to multiple touch signals. Make sure I don't move the indicator. To buy a business laptop, click on the G and H buttons
You can choose a laptop with a dot located in the middle, while allowing you to move without moving your hands from the hum's keyboard.


 Check the number of Wi-Fi ports, Bluetooth, HDMI and USB on laptops. USB 3.0 and HDMI 2.0 are the latest detectable technology.

Backup battery:

 Make sure you've finished making the battery before your laptop expires. The more backups you get, the more interested you are. 

In India different brands such as HP, Dell, ASUS, Asser etc can choose any brand according to your needs and come here once to see the current market value.

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