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What technology will come out in 2020?

What technology will come out in 2020?

I've been able to review everything again early in the new year, and I've tried to create a list of technologies that will be discussed and role-playing this year. I tried to write in a simple language about the five technologies that have come back and discussed the most discussed things in the tech sector. Hold the seat belt tight at the beginning of the new year, let's take a little drive into the technology world.

1. Cloud computing

The technology that we don't talk about in the first is cloud computing. We've seen for over a decade that everything on computers is slowly moving from desktop to cloud. The files we used to rotate on USB have been changed to other cloud-based file servers, including Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive. Not just cloud hosting, we're now saying that cloud computing, i.e., the process of computer data processing or accounting, is also happening in the cloud.Everything from excel and other accounting software we used to use earlier, including ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), has now moved to the cloud. Everything from calculations to complex analysis will be done quickly with this clyde computing. Edge Computing is the new technology that will be implemented in cloud technology from 2020. This means that computing will not only be on the cloud but also on the edge. This will enable cloud-based solutions to be used better and faster. Cloud usage increased by 24% from 2018 to 2019. The number is not as low as the rate of growth. The world is now spending about $210 billion on the cloud. Last year, Bangladesh's total budget was $61 billion, meaning that bangladesh could last three years with the money spent on the global cloud. It's unbelievable! Guess how much money we're spending on the cloud.  (Information)

2. Information

Information and Information
After the cloud, we call the data "king" of everything. The country where it was said that the country is rich in gold is economically strong; Now that word has been converted to information instead of gold. Now the country or organization that has the most information - the highest price. Facebook or Google are the richest companies in the world.This information-based economy will be strengthened by 2020 with artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep-larning and other technologies. If I say these technologies in a simple language, I say, the computer can learn by itself, extract the computer pattern from the information and review it, and then make the decision.We have been using these technologies for years to provide information-based services including Uber, FoodPanda. This year, the business of this information will grow in other areas.

3. Automatic car

We may not expect a fully automatic car by 2020, but we can see such a car in a timely manner. Many companies have already released new automatic cars on the market. you will find a list of these automated cars. This year we'll see more automated vehicles. The computing technology is used to develop this compact car. 

4. Cryptocurrency

There is a great revolution in our chinese banking sector with the application of this new technology. We call this new currency cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is a kind of synthetic currency that is being used by a new technology called blockchain. This cryptocurrency has no third party control, so no one knows who is exchanging this digital currency, but it can be traded with it, even if it is anonymous.Like the traditional currency, the government of any country has no power to interfere with the cryptocurrency value or value. So in many countries around the world, the digital currency is banned by the government. In fact, this currency does not exist and the entire operation of the currency transaction is conducted online. And this type of currency is used in exchange for a method called cryptography. This method uses language or signal to write code, which is not understood by anyone but the two parties who are dealing,That means that it will remain confidential. This year we will see the application of this cryptocurrency. 

5. Drone Delivery

When I was a kid, I didn't buy a car. But not cars, but small helicopters or drones, many people may now take pictures. But this drone is not limited to hobby. It is being applied in different fields. From rescue to rescue people who are in danger in rivers and seas, including fire. However, the most applicable for product transactions will be in 2020. Your courier service will be delivered by this drone to your doorstep.

Today, I've just introduced these five technologies. But not only these are the big ones. Read the technology papers regularly. We started in 2006 at and we are bringing in science and scientific news for Bengali speakers. Subscribe to your email for regular updates.

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